#12 Inclusive by Design

Our world is typically built for affluent, white, and able-bodied, adult males. It’s a sound idea to design for a default, a typical customer. But when you’re ignoring up to half of the potential audience, your default may not be so standard in real life, right? People of all shapes and colours need to see themselves reflected in all aspects and layers of society. So in our final episode of season two, we look into how we can design our world to be more inclusive.

Caroline Criado Perez

Writer & activist London, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

In her latest book Invisible Women, Caroline exposes the data bias in a world designed for men. With a plethora of baffling examples, she shows how women are often left out of research and product development, with consequences ranging from inconvenient to lethal. We could listen to her for hours, but we prepared a more succinct selection of her fascinating thoughts and findings.

Samanta Bullock

Model & disability consultant London, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Born and bred in Brazil, Samanta now lives in London, where she runs an online shop for sustainable adaptive fashion. These are regular clothes with small tweaks and improvements to make them more comfortable and accessible to people with all kinds of abilities. Tune in to hear her compelling life story!

Additional notes & links

  • Representation is key. Check out Mannequal, making disabilities more visible in our storefronts:


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🎬 Videos:
Upworthy clip of kids drawing “male” jobs
CBS news clip of the NASA space suit sizing issue

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Picture of Caroline Criado Perez by Rachel Louise Brown